Canine Carpal JointGait4Dog System

GAIT4dog offers an advanced method of accurately assessing the dog’s weight distribution in both the walking and trotting gaits.


Why is this important?

canine gait analysis

Evaluating the canine gait is highly beneficial to understanding many musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions.

Advantages of GAIT4Dog Analysis:

  •  Proven technology
  •  Reveals limb off or overloading
  • Objective reporting with reproducible data
  • Can be used both for pre-and post-rehabilitation evaluations
  • Suitable for monitoring both performance dogs and post-surgery cases

GLS Gait4dog score

Based on the Fit Fur Life Professional dog treadmill. It incorporates thousands of tiny sensors under the treadmill belt, which give an unparalleled amount of data which is recorded as a GLS score.

The system is suitable for most dogs and can be used for dogs from 5 kilos to over 100.

The objective data delivered by the GAIT4dog system offers a significantly better assessment than traditional ‘walking’ based visual gait analysis. It is not affected by factors such as pulling on the lead / weaving and simple interpretation by the human eye. It also offers more comprehensive data collection than static mat or force plate base systems.

Would your dog benefit from a gait analysis for understand of subtle lameness issues, evaluation pre and post-operation or to provide the basis for physiotherapy based strengthening work?



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