Meet Henry


As I approached the gate I could hear the distinctive deep bark of Henry. Down the drive he came, so happy to see me. I was so pleased to see him, although with him coming to greet me, this probably meant it would be my last scheduled visit.

Henry was involved in a RTA 3 months prior. He was referred to us for post surgery physiotherapy following an operation on his left hip.

His owners had been amazing. Henry, a Bernese / Border Collie weighs in at some 50 kilos. for some 6 weeks Mum and family had to lift Henry between them, put him in his harness and take him out to do his business many times each day. In the middle of winter, the consulting veterinary surgeon and myself were in awe of their dedication.

My brief was twofold:

  1. To help restore his proprioception by stimulating nerve regeneration
  2. To build muscle tone on his 'non-op' right rear limb so he would favour this during the initial rehabilitation period


Our first sessions involved using LASER and massage to stimulate blood flow. In between visits, Henry was given daily sessions of home PEMF treatments (which is proven to facilitate nerve regeneration) and passive range of motion (PROM) exercises (to stimulate muscle usage).

When Henry was finally back on his feet and walking with less family support, we introduced rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

So today was so a pleasing experience. To see the incredible hard work from Henry's family, the amazing work done by the veterinarian team and our post-op physio work pay off and give Henry back his active life.

I just hope I get to see my gentle giant again in the future.