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Today treatment by physiotherapy is well known for dogs and horses, but is just as suitable for cats. 

Similar to these others animals, cats benefit from physiotherapy treatment to aid healing with osteoarthritis, post-surgery rehabilitationsoft tissue injuries and weight management.


Common Feline Issues


Typically cats which display pain / discomfort, difficulty in jumping up or down, abnormal behaviour / posture, lameness or muscle wastage (atrophy) can benefit from physiotherapy treatments.


Each case is unique and every cat is different. Additionally you will want to take an active role in your cats’ treatment and rehabilitation program. SmartPaws physiotherapy understands this. 


Not only do we use the latest in animal specific electro-therapy equipment and market leading physiotherapy facilities, we also offer a unique online ‘home exercise’ program. This will be tailored to your specific requirements. The program features easy to follow exercises complete with written instructions, videos and  images.