Our training classes

SmartPaws have training classes running on Tuesday to Thursday evening.

Our classes include Puppy Training, Basic Obedience and Agility Classes for all levels from new beginners to Champions


Puppy Training

We hold our puppy training class on a Thursday evening. This class is where handlers and their new puppies can come and socialise with other new dogs. They will learn basic obedience skills and also have fun learning together.


Obedience Training

We hold classes during the Daytime and on Thursday evenings. These classes are aimed at Dog and handlers who need basic training. Dogs will need to be able to work in a group with other dogs, and have no agression issues.


Foundation Agility Training

Foundation Agility

We hold foundation Agility classes Wednesday and Thursday 7pm - 8.20pm


Beginners Agility

We hold Beginners Agility Classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings 7pm to 8.20pm

These classes are ideal for dogs and handlers who have a basic knowledge of agility, and the dogs can already do the basic obstacles. Weaves and See-Saw will be taught in this class.

You will also start doing sequences and basic courses, to get you ready to start competing at Club matches.


Competition Classes Grades 1 - 5

We hold Competition Agility Classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. These classes focus on Grade 1 - 5 and are focused on handling techniques, contact training and running the course.

These sessions are aimed at improving foundation and competition skills to promote progression through the KC Agility graded classes.



Competition Classes Grade 4 -7

These classes are held on Monday and Thusday evenings and are aimed at Handlers and dogs who are currently working Championship classes or working towards these classes. They also focus on International Agility style courses and different handling techniques.

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Dog Behaviour

If you are currently have a few problems with your dog at SmartPaws we can offer you behaviour advise tailored to you and your pet.

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Online Blind Crosses

At SmartPaws we recommend Daisy Peel online blind cross course.