Competition Classes Grades 1 - 5


Agility Grade 1 - 5 focuses on handling sequences and contact exercises.

These sessions are aimed at improving foundation and competition skills to promote progression through the KC Agility graded classes.


A typical month would feature the following sessions:

  1. Handling techniques focusing on turns such as Front / Rear crosses, 90 - 270 degree angle turns and pull through
  2. Grade 3 - 5 type course - walking and then finding the optimum line to achieve best run times
  3. Contact training - Assessment of current performance and tips for improvement
  4. Grade 5 - 7 course - Break into sequences to understand best handling to achieve clear rounds


Note this class alternates between a 7.00 pm and 8.30 pm start every 4 weeks. Sessions last approx 1.5 hours.



On Wednesday we hold two classes

The early group is for dogs just starting out in competition

We work on weave and see-saw training in this class, plus putting together simple sequences.

We also hold regular in class competitions for these dogs, looking at Grade 1 to 3 courses.


In the later class is for dogs who are already competing in Grades 1 to 4 and are looking to progress through the grades.
We focus on sequences and reading courses to give the dog the best line to negotiate the obstacles. 

We look at different handling styles, as we recognise that not all handlers and dogs can work the same.

We teach different turns, to give the handlers options when working their dogs.

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