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Blind Crosses - You’ve seen them and your curious!

  • Daisy Peel demonstrates blind crossesAre they a passing fad or offer real advantages?
  • Are there any drawbacks?
  • Are they suitable for my dog and myself?
  • Where and how can I learn them?

Blind crosses (BXs) add a 4th dimension to the traditional combination of Pivot turns (PT), Front (FX) and Rear crosses (RX). Typically used to cue extension, turns which are included under the umbrella term ‘BXs’ can also aid cueing collection, where this would be an advantage.  Similar to the more traditional PT, FX and RX, these are taught cues and turns.

The Daisy Peel’s BX course

Answers the questions (and more) posed above and offers insights into when / when not may be the best time to use BXs in competition.  This course includes the foundation, theory and skill set application. It is delivered on-line and features a series of lesson plans, video demonstrations and written tutorials to follow.


Alan and Jaidi demonstrating Week 7 session of the BX course


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